eDrive-Electric Drive Sprayer Conversion

The Generator replaces the Hydro in the John Deere 4930 and Case 4420 Sprayers. 
**4 Oil Cooled Electric Wheel Motors take the place of Hydraulic Wheel Motors to make the Sprayer Efficient.
**​No Hydro or Hydraulic Wheel Motors!!
**eDrive Sprayer uses 30% less Fuel and its life is over 25,000 hours!
**​Kits are available soon!!

  **Already Converted a JD 8760 Tractor to Electric Drive!!

**eDrive is Proven Technology used in Mining Trucks,  Locomotives, CAT D7e Dozer, Garbage Trucks, Delivery Trucks for UPS and Fedex!!

**ATC has built and Operated eDrive- Auto Drive AUTONOMOUS TRACTOR, operating now!!

**JD4930 Sprayer eDrive will be out this spring!!

We offer 5 year eDrive warranty